Use a Ninja Proxy in 2020

It’s sounds so overkill and somewhat paranoid – but honestly it’s not, there are genuine reasons why people use these ninja cloak proxy site programs like Identity Cloaker.  There’s an increasing necessity to  protect yourself online.  The need to use common sense and adequate security and privacy tools is vital. If you’ve come here looking to become an online proxy ninja, surfing securely through the electronic ether well perhaps I can point you in the right proxy But First the Danger finding any sort of anonymity is difficult online, you’re tracked and logged through your ISP, company firewalls, every web sites you visit and a thousand other devices in between. Your IP address can be tracked back to the very PC you’re sitting at and the logs stored and backed up in your ISP contain virtually everything you’ve done online for the last two years. When I say everything, I’m not kidding – and yes it does include the fact that you watched the Kylie Minogue Agent Provocateur advert 6 times in a row last Friday when you came home from the bar.

Now the inconvenience Sometimes it’s not actually the paranoia (oh and yes they are watching you), but the inconvenience that drives people to hopeless proxy sites in search of a Ninja proxy to surf through.  This is down to the increasing pervasiveness of a system called geotargeting – I’ll add a better description of this but it’s basically the way that websites restrict what you can watch depending on your location. You’ve probably seen it in action –

  • Want to watch BBC Iplayer but are not in UK – Sorry blocked by IP address
  • Catch up on some shows on Hulu while on holiday in France – Nope blocked by IP address
  • View the news on ABC whilst in Canada – Nope blocked by IP address again.

The real list is much, much longer – anything from accessing YouTube to just about any big media site.  More so if you’re unlucky to live in a country where it’s considered bad for you to access Facebook  – it’s likely you’re going to get blocked for not having the right IP address. So people are fed up with being blocked, monitored, logged and basically having their online experience controlled and analysed.  So they look online and find details of unblock sites and read blog posts looking for a free proxy server. They then find they don’t work and indeed haven’t for many years at least for most applications.

There’s no point looking on a free proxy list you simply won’t find anything that works anymore and you certainly won’t find a proper ninja proxy which unlocks the internet and hides your location.   What they find is loads of web pages called Ninja something or other and a basic install of a web proxy called Glype.  They will promise you all sorts of super, secret ninja surfing via their little browsing frame – but I’m afraid it’s not true.

Computer Admin Watching Someone Search Through a Ninja Proxy Site

The Truth About Ninja Proxies Unfortunately that’s what the majority end up doing, searching in Google and finding some Ninja web site or something like that.  In the middle of the page their will be a little box inviting you to search via their site – something like this

Not Really Ninja At All! In fact little more than a default Glype installation with a proxy browser front end.

Is it secure ? In a word – No. Well if you trust a complete stranger who has set up a free server, installed Glype and covered it in ads – to look after your data then of course it’s fine. It doesn’t bypass most firewalls, it certainly doesn’t give you anonymity – it does add many more risks to your browsing. For those of us who prefer reality it’s a complete waste of time, all you are doing is funneling your data through another unknown, insecure point.  In some circumstance the setup may obscure your IP address slightly but that’s about it – you also be leaving yet another log of your activities on this guys server. Don’t think you’ll be able to stream previously blocked video either like BBC Iplayer or Hulu because you can’t watch these through a little Iframe window and besides the servers are normally basic ones that would struggle to stream video to one person not the thousands who’ll probably be trying.

The real proxy ninja experience will obscure your IP address completely through an advanced network of high speed, highly secure servers across the planet.   It will be high speed and high performance allowing media streaming direct to your PC from wherever you are – so watch the BBC Iplayer or Hulu or any site you care to try.

It can also be set to automatically switch your browsing data across to a different server across the globe every few minutes. But finally it will also encrypt your data meaning that you really can be anonymous, your ISP logs included.  In fact  the only readable logs of your online existence are briefly on the secure servers and are deleted immediately.

To access a global network of secure proxies and VPNs, which can bypass internet blocks and keep you anonymous –

Use Identity Cloaker



How to Listen to Free Radio Stations Online

In this time of geo-blocks, filters and internet censorship it’s great to find a website that embodies the traditional ideals of the internet.  Something that genuinely promotes communication and open access to anyone in the world irrespective of who they are or where they happen to be.  A website that you don’t need a VPN or proxy to hide your identity or bypass any of these tedious blocks, it’s completely free for everyone.

It’s called Radio Garden and it’s something I discovered a few years ago and have used ever since.   It’s basically a huge database of radio stations from around the world compiled and presented on a huge clickable global map.

Free Radio Stations Online - Radio Garden

Here you can see the interface which has been developed for the website. Here’s their mission statement –

Radio Garden invites you to tune into thousands of live radio stations across the globe.

By bringing distant voices close, radio connects people and places. From its very beginning, radio signals have crossed borders. Radio makers and listeners have imagined both connecting with distant cultures, as well as re-connecting with people from ‘home’ from thousands of miles away.


The Radio Garden was set up in 2016 by a group in Amsterdam. It was initially an exhibition project commissioned by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision under a project entitled Transitional Radio Encounters.  It has been converted into a small independent company in 2019.  In 2018 they expanded by launching mobile apps for iOS and Android.  You can find these in the App Store and Google Play under ‘Radio Garden’.  The apps and the site have been continually developed with one of the most useful features being added in 2019 allowing people to search for their favorite stations and locations rather than just using the map directly.

How to Listen to Free Radio Stations Online

Here’s a quick video demonstration of how to listen to Free radio stations online with Radio Garden in action.

It’s really easy to use and the mobile applications are just as good, perhaps even better. You can access literally thousands of radio stations all over the world with just a single click. My personal favorites are the various ‘Talk radio’ stations which you can find, they’re especially good for keeping up with local news that doesn’t always reach the mainstream media sites. What’s more these are all completely free radio stations which don’t require any payment or proxy trickery to access.

It’s difficult to fault, it’s an incredible resource which really opens up radio access across the world.  My only slight disappointment was that I’d heard there was a North Korean radio station available on the platform but it seems to have gone.  Mind you I probably wouldn’t have been able to understand a word of it anyway, but still would have been interesting to hear it.

There are supposedly lots of plans to further develop the application which is reassuring, although the commercial viability is always a worry.  Great resources like this do costs money and I would expect some sort of advertising is inevitable and to be fair perfectly acceptable.

Watching the Walking Dead on US Netflix

As a zombie film aficionado I spend a lot of time searching around for the best films and TV shows.  I love to watch anything zombie/apocalypse related which means I spend an inordinate amount of time watching some of the worst movies ever created.   So when there’s something good, it’s worth tracking down and although TWD has had it’s critics – it’s definitely near the top of the Zombie pile.   Apart from a few boring bits, that bloody farm for one, The Walking Dead has been pretty exciting the whole way through.

Walking Dead on US Netflix

So it was good news to find out that The Walking Dead was on Netflix so I quickly checked it out.  Unfortunately it’s not true, well not completely.  The Walking Dead is on Netflix but not the rather poor version we get in the UK.  However if you load up the US version of Netflix they have up to and including season 9, with rumors that Season 10 will be on there soon.


However I’m not in the US currently, so how can I switch my version of Netflix to include this zombie classic.

How to Watch The Walking Dead on US Netflix

It’s actually not that hard and can be accomplished with minimal effort if you take a look at the following video.

As you can see it’s pretty simple, you find yourself a decent VPN program like NordVPN.  Then before connecting to the Netflix account you enable a connection to a US based VPN server.   If you do it beforehand, then Netflix will only see the IP address of the VPN server and presume that you’re located in the USA.  This means you get the US version of Netflix which has loads more shows and programmes, your account will work perfectly.

When you’ve finished simply disconnect the VPN server and your IP address will return to normal.  You should do this because while the VPN is connected all your browsing will be US based including getting US search results from sites like Google.  It’s very useful though and you can change your IP address at will whenever you find some sort of block or filter online.

For zombie fans who try this then I urge you to watch another Zombie classic which is on US Netflix.  It’s called Train to Busan and is one of the best Zombie movies ever made IMHO, don’t be put off by the Korean subtitles it’s an awesome film.



How to Change Your Country IP Address

Everything connected to the internet has an IP address.  Every computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone and now often even our TVs and toasters !  It’s merely a network number, which allows data to be sent or received using the underlying protocol of the internet – TCP/IP.  It enables all communication and ensures that your internet based requests are returned to the right location.

For a long time, nobody has taken much notice of this network address after all it’s hardly interesting in itself.  The number formats are things like and are instantly forgettable unless you’re very technically minded.   Yet over the years these generic looking numbers have become increasingly important and now heavily influence what we do online.   That number may look completely random and unimportant, but surprisingly it can have a massive impact on anything you do over the internet.

An important fact to remember is that your IP address actually has a nationality, yes it’s true!   It sounds hard to believe but every time you visit a website this nationality is checked, and based on the results you may experience the site in a completely way.   Of course, the nationality is really just the location it’s being used in however it’s vitally important.  If you connect via a British IP address you’ll have a  pretty unhindered experience with UK based websites.  However start browsing sites in other countries and you’ll slowly notice blocks, filters and barriers.  It’s a kind of digital racism in a way, where the once completely open libertarian internet now is segmented based on your physical location.

But fear not, these imposed rules and restrictions can be broken and bypassed fairly easily with a little effort.

How to Change the Country Your IP Address is Registered to

So in an ideal world we’d be able to just switch our IP address at will whenever we come up against one of these blocks. However, unfortunately it’s not that easy to change your IP address directly simply because they’re in short supply and are restricted to specific distributors.  Also you’d not be able to get a Spanish IP address from a UK based company like an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in any case.

However we can do the next best thing.   We can hide our real address and use a vast network of addresses assigned to servers across the world.   So although our real IP address will never change, the address that the websites can see is entirely under our control.  Just watch this video for an example of how to become a digital wolf prowling the internet!

As you can see it’s incredibly simple in practice just pick a country and click to connect to it.  There are a number of these specialist VPN service around now who often have servers all over the planet.  Simply click on the country you need and your IP address will appear to originate from that country.  This means that suddenly all those locked websites become accessible again – wonderful sites like the BBC iPlayer which are normally only accessible from the UK will work anywhere.

So just to summarize when you visit a site which has country restrictions, you simply click on a VPN server in that country.  Then when you reconnect, you’ll appear to be in that location as only the VPN IP address is visible.  A simple yet elegant solution to unlock sites all across the world, including some of the biggest and best.  Your internet connection is protected, your identity and privacy secured and all those blocks completely bypassed.  If you want to watch the BBC from America that’s fine, Pandora from France – no problem.

The VPN service demonstrated in the video is called Nord VPN and you can check out their latest offer here – Nord VPN Discount offer.