Last Updated on February 2, 2024

This isn’t a detailed review but just my personal opinion of the best residential proxy providers of 2024.  These in my opinion, in no particular order are the best residential proxy services I’ve used commercially during 2023.   I never usually use more than two or  three different providers of dedicated residential proxies  so will update this page if anything changes.  All the companies mentioned below have datacenter proxy servers, although I primarily use residential proxies apart from web scraping and SEO tools.

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Of course, people use proxies for many different reasons, so it’s entirely possible that these won’t be a fit for everyone.  These are for real online entrepreneurial tasks not primarily for security and anonymity, hiding from your internet service providers or for bypassing media blocks like the BBC.  If anonymity when you’re browsing is your aim then it’s a VPN you need  – check out the ninja proxy post or go and check out the NordVPN Discount offers.

I have lots of different marketing projects ongoing, so these are all relevant to me.  Yet there are plenty of platforms and specialised tools that I don’t use.   I’ve not done much marketing in Twitter and Instagram over the last 12 months so I wouldn’t be entirely sure that you’ll find the best proxy for Instagram marketing here. However all the companies listed are professional and have a wide range of services such as static residential IPs so at the very least they’re a good starting point.

My core requirements are to access fast, safe and secure residential and dedicated proxies which work and don’t get my accounts blocked or banned. Basically I want no hassle proxies for my online businesses.

 So if you’re looking for proxies for commercial purposes whether for research, marketing, SEO or something I’ve never heard of then these are worth a look.  There are more residential IP proxy providers than you’d expect but only a few are proper established proxy providers. Most of these provide different shared and dedicated private proxies for all sorts of specialisms, so there’s a chance they’ll have what you need.   I mostly use residential proxies for my tasks so these providers specialise in providing residential IPs.

So without further ado here’s my list (unfortunately it’s quite short currently).

Best Residential Proxies That Worked for Me in 2023/2024

First of all let me tell you that although I like a bargain as much as the next person, none of these residential proxy provider companies are the cheapest. In fact the first of my recommendations is probably one of the most expensive. The reason why cost is not a core factor in my decision, is that unfortunately I’ve found the cheapest providers are very often completely useless.  This is especially the case if you’re looking for proxies with residential IP addresses,  these are hard to obtain so it’s almost impossible to supply these at a very low cost.

All  suppliers of very cheap residential proxies that I have found were usually just datacentre proxies with a few residential IPs mixed in.

The problem is that cheap can actually turn out to be very expensive if they ruin your business or get your social media accounts banned.  Remember these services cost money to supply and run properly, whereas you can set up an impressive looking website for next to nothing!

Provider 1 – Luminati Proxies

(Rebranded as Bright Data in March 2021 )
There’s used to be a saying in the IT sector that nobody ever got fired for buying IBM , which basically meant it was the safe but often most expensive choice.  Although many of us have had experiences with IBM IT projects in the 90’s might suggest otherwise!  However as far as proxy providers go, then Luminati probably fits into this category.  They own and maintain the world’s largest residential proxy network which means you’re never likely to be sharing your IP address with thousands of others.

Indeed Luminati go to great lengths to market themselves as a quality corporate provider of proxies to Fortune 500/ enterprise customers.  That’s not to say they don’t cater to individual marketers and small businesses too, in fact lots of us do just that.  Don’t go knocking on their door if you want to set up dodgy email gateways to relay spam across the planet, there are other residential proxy providers who are better suited for this.

In fact if you’re doing anything dodgy with your proxies then it’s probably better moving down the list.  What you will get with Luminati though is 100% legitimate and varied proxies for all your needs.  Luminati can supply you with almost limitless IP addresses of all different types including datacentre, genuine residential and mobile proxies.  So if you’re using proxies to manage valuable social media accounts, performing customer research or just want the safest, most effective proxy service available then Luminati is possibly for you.

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So as you might have guessed Luminati are big enough to cover virtually any need but they’re not the cheapest of the proxy services providers.   Don’t  let that put you off them completely though – they do offer affordable residential proxies if you use them properly.  Reliable IP proxy providers are often much more cost effective to use safe, reliable proxies than burn through cheaper providers which often waste time and money.

Here’s some of the uses they support :

  • E-Commerce  (Buying and Selling Online in different markets)
  • Account Management (Social marketing e.g Twitter, Facebook Instagram)
  • Data Extraction – Scraping data online with different demographics
  • Ad Verification – Ensure Ads/Affliate links are being displayed, compliant etc by switching residential IPs.
  • Price Comparison – Aggregating and Scraping across the world.
  • Market research – analyse and research in any country you need.
  • Ticketing – Sourcing tickets for resale.
  • Travel Aggregation – Using residential IPs to aggregate prices and fares from other sites.
  • Scraper API – Proxy API support through Web Scrapers extension and Web Scraper Cloud

If you’re looking for ways to make money online then this list is well worth investigating.  I know someone making six figures from e-commerce with just a few residential proxies and a copy of AioBot reselling sneakers mostly in his pyjamas !

There’s many more and when you sign up you get an account manager who can help you choose the right IP addresses and proxy server for your needs. So for example if you’re trying to source tickets from any of the major platforms you’re going to need real residential IP addresses to succeed.  Whereas for most SEO purposes, datacenter proxies can be used instead, there’s virtually every type of proxy pool you can imagine.

Don’t be afraid of talking to your manager, they will help you choose the right pricing plan. I was initially worried that my activities would be considered too ‘shady’ to be incorporated but even my dodgy projects weren’t even close to being excluded.  Obviously there are limits but things like buying tickets, price aggregation, gaming social media platforms with loads of accounts are completely fine!

You can also use their customer dashboard and chrome extension to manage and control the addresses yourself.  So perhaps you need UK private proxies for one project and US residential addresses or just data center proxies for simple data gathering tasks.  You can find them all here and then you can flick through them using your dashboard and only pay for which you use.

If you  have a reasonable budget to buy proxies, looking for something reliable with unlimited bandwidth  and are looking for the best then Luminati should probably be your first port of call.  They have also recently introduced the facility to have a genuine static IP rather than a rotating IP with a ‘sticky mode’. This is a great addition to their pricing model which I haven’t tried yet but this will be very useful for bypassing certain geo targeting sites.  Very few of the residential proxy providers have decent static addresses with sufficient location coverage for certain tasks, you should be able to configure it within proxy manager.

Provider 2 – RotatingProxies

I started using this company in March 2019 for a project I was working on which needed some reliable, US residential proxies.  I’m still using them today which will probably say something.  They were recommended to me by someone I know online who specialises in buying and selling tickets for concerts.   He doesn’t make a fortune but manages a very decent income basically working a few hours a week.  I know he’s tried dozens of proxy providers to find the best and seems content with these guys.

Rotating Proxies focus on supplying EU and US based rotating proxies.  There prices are very competitive especially if you can get their 50% bonus scheme which although supposedly time-limited seems to never expire!  They have datacentre and residential proxies separated into categories – e.g. Instagram proxies, Twitter proxies and so on.

high proxies

There appears to be a very robust business level backconnect proxy network underpinning their services.  Certainly they are all fast and reliable and currently there’s unmetered bandwidth with no throttling at all.

All the usual security aspects seem well covered and all logs are deleted by default.  If you let them know you’re requirements they will ensure you get the right proxies for your needs.  I’ve used these on a small scale with a variety of social platforms and they’ve worked very well

Here’s quick list of RotatingProxies features –

  • Proxy Rotation – you configure the front end but behind that there’s a sophisticated system for rotating the IP addresses to suit your requirements.
  • No Bandwidth Limits  – important for large and ongoing projects if you need flexibility.
  • IP Addresses – large diverse pool with plenty of residential and datacentre proxies located mainly in the US and some EU countries.   The residential addresses are curated on the basis of quality not quantity, which is an important factor to consider.
  • No Blocks, or Bans – in my experience these IP addresses seem top quality.  Now of course it’s always possible to get your Instagram account if you’re not careful with how you post.  I’m ultra cautious with my posting on most networks, I’d rather take more time than lose all my precious accounts and these IP addresses seem top quality especially for social networks.
  • Talk – yes, they will talk and they will help.  Honestly ask them questions and seek advice – which really goes for any proxy company you choose.

The best advice though is to talk to them, if they know what you’re doing then they can ensure you’ve got the best chance of success.  You won’t get far with Twitter marketing if all the IP addresses you use are blacklisted by Twitter!  I use these guys because they will help and they take care of their network.  They have a level of support and integrity which unfortunately can be scarce in the proxy market. It’s a safe option for getting access to affordable backconnect proxies that you can use for most purposes.

There is a trial option which is available for a small charge, here’s pricing structure but obviously is subject to change and which proxies you need.

  • 10 Proxies Trial for 48 hours – $4.99
  • 50 Proxies Trial for 48 hours – $14.99
  • 100 Proxies Trial for 48 hours – $28.40

It’s a great way to try them out and see if the proxies and IP addresses work for you . This is the best way to run a trial program in my opinion, free trials are a huge risk of allowing spammers to abuse your network.  IP addresses can be blacklisted very quickly and asking for a small payment effectively deters these people.  I think you’ll find these are among the best private proxies you can buy.

Premium Proxies Need Premium IP Addresses

If you’ve got the basics covered authentication, bandwidth, security and a decent back end infrastructure the most important element are quality IPs from your proxy services.  Without these, your proxies are virtually useless irrespective of how well they’re configured and what servers are used.

Most tasks that need residential proxies rely on looking like an ordinary member of the public using a standard residential IP address. This is why Luminati are considered the gold standard as their IP addresses really do come from ‘real home users’ who are using their software applications.

You can pay a fortune for a private Instagram proxy but if it’s loaded with overused, blacklisted IP addresses then it would be safer (and cheaper) not to bother with proxies at all.  Don’t expect to find premium proxies that work at the very cheapest level of the market because they don’t exist.   If neither of these two companies are what you’re looking for I have only one more suggestion of another company I also use – Storm Proxies.  They work really well except in one particular niche where I’ve found them pretty ineffective, they do have a good reputation though, they can also supply VPN services too.  I’m going to add Storm Proxies to this page as they do provide some of the best proxy services I’ve used and have been in business for over a decade.

If funds are an issue, you’d honestly be better slowing down your efforts.  The best proxy providers can’t and won’t slash prices as it directly effects the quality. The same goes for trying to find a free trial for rotating residential proxies, the best service provider companies won’t risk their proxy network.   The problem is that if you allow free trials without any authentication, their proxies will always be abused by someone.   The only trials from the premium residential proxy providers will require either a small payment or proper authentication to protect their network. Likewise,  I’ve tried numerous super cheap proxy firms and they almost always give awful results. It’s simply because they overuse their IPs and farm them out to anyone who pays a few bucks.  If you have valuable assets to protect, like popular social media accounts it’s essential you use quality addresses which are beyond suspicion.