Last Updated on January 20, 2024

Protect Yourself Online – Use a Ninja Proxy

It’s sounds so overkill and somewhat paranoid – but honestly it’s not ! There are genuine reasons why people use these tools – ninjaproxy the legendary proxy provider programs like Identity Cloaker and NordVPN.  Anonymity is in rapid decline online, huge sinister corporations are monitoring, tracking and analysing your every move online. There’s an increasing necessity to  protect both yourself and your browsing experience online.  The need to use common sense, adequate security and privacy tools is vital. If you’ve come here looking to become an online proxy ninja, surfing securely through the electronic ether well perhaps I can point you in the right direction.

ninja proxy But First the Danger finding any sort of anonymity is difficult online, you’re tracked and logged through your ISP, company firewalls, every web sites you visit and a thousand other devices in between. Your IP address can be tracked back to the very PC you’re sitting, your home phone number and the logs stored and backed up in your ISP contain virtually everything you’ve done online for the last two years. When I say everything, I’m not kidding – and yes it does include the fact that you watched the Kylie Minogue Agent Provocateur advert 6 times in a row last Friday when you came home from the bar.

Use a Proper Secure Proxy Site

Many take the easy option – sometimes it’s not actually the paranoia, but the inconvenience that drives people to hopeless web based proxy sites in search of a Ninja proxy to surf through.  Sure they’ve heard about these secure virtual private network services but hey this is free.  When you constantly get greeted with ‘sorry not available in your country’ messages your web browsing seems broken and you need a quick solution.

This is down to the increasing pervasiveness of a system called geotargeting – I’ll add a better description of this but it’s basically the way that websites restrict what you can watch depending on your location.

You’ve probably seen it in action –

  • Want to watch BBC iPlayer but are not in UK – Sorry blocked by IP address
  • Catch up on some shows on Hulu while on holiday in France – Nope blocked
  • View the news on ABC whilst in Canada – Nope blocked again.
  • Listen to that track on YouTube – sorry not available in your location

The real list is much, much longer – anything web based from accessing YouTube to just about any big media site anywhere in the world.  More so if you’re unlucky to live in a country where it’s considered bad for you to access Facebook, the state will probably join in – blocking, filtering and controlling what you do online too.  It’s likely you’re going to get blocked or redirected every single day somewhere for not having the right IP. It’s not surprising people get fed and worried that their entire online experience is being controlled and analysed – well because it is.

What is a Ninja Proxy?

Unfortunately this is where people often make a wrong turn, hoping to find free proxy servers that can solve all this.  Remember this is a grown up world – no one is going to spend their time and money solving your problem for free !  That web proxy or VPN service you found online looks free but there will always be some way of financing it.

If you’re not paying for the product then you are the product. 

There’s no point looking for free proxy servers you simply won’t find anything that works anymore and you certainly won’t find a proper ninjaproxy the legendary proxy provider we require. Something which unlocks the internet and hides your location and works anywhere in the world.   What they find is loads of web based pages called Ninja something or other and a basic install of a web proxy called Glype. Sure this installation has formed some of the legendary proxy provider sites of old, but not the default installation installed on some $2 a month insecure proxy server.  They will promise you all sorts of super, secret ninja surfing via their little browsing frame – but I’m afraid it’s not true.

proxy ninja ?

Computer Admin Watching Someone Search Through a Ninja Proxy Site

The Truth About Ninja Proxies.

Unfortunately that’s what the majority end up doing, searching in Google and finding some Ninja web site or something like that.  In the middle of the page their will be a little box inviting you to search via their site – something like this


Not Really Ninja At All and it won’t give you the ability to access any website either! In fact it’s little more than a web based default Glype installation with a proxy browser front end. Oh and the ability to flood your computer with ads or even malware.  Most of them can’t even encrypt page information or cope with SSL encryption either.  It’s certainly not an anonymous proxy service by any definition.

Web Proxies Often Financed by Crime or Spam

Is it secure ? In a word – No it’s a web proxy. Well if you trust a complete stranger who has set up a free server, installed Glype and covered it in ads – to look after your data then of course it’s fine. It doesn’t bypass most firewalls, it certainly doesn’t give you anonymity – yet this web based solution does add many more risks to your browsing. For those of us who prefer reality using a proxy server like this is a complete waste of time, all you are doing is funnelling your data through another unknown, insecure point.

In some circumstances these web proxies may obscure your IP address slightly but that’s about it – you will also be leaving yet another log of your activities on this guys server. Don’t think you’ll be able to stream previously blocked video either like BBC iPlayer or Hulu because you can’t watch these through a little iFrame window.  All these basic proxies don’t work to unblock sites because they are detected automatically. Besides the servers are normally basic ones that would struggle to stream video to one person not the thousands who’ll probably be trying.

The real proxy ninja experience will obscure your network address completely through an advanced network of high speed, highly secure servers across the planet.   It will be high speed and high performance allowing media streaming direct to your PC from wherever you are – so watch the BBC Iplayer or Hulu or any site you care to try.  Sure you have to pay for it, but that’s because it works and real people, real servers and real expertise are involved with these proxy providers who require payment.

It can also be set to automatically switch your browsing data across to a different server across the globe every few minutes. Or you can choose and appear to be from New York, the United States or any country you require.  But finally it will also encrypt your data meaning that you really can be anonymous, your ISP logs included.  In fact  the only readable logs of your online existence are briefly on the secure servers and are deleted immediately.

The Difference between a Web Proxy and VPN?

Using a proper VPN proxy which encrypts your connection means you are safe from logging, filtering and blocking.  Your web traffic will be private and your IP address can be effectively changed at will.   Change your location and ninja browse to whatever web based resource you want and completely ignore all the internet filters that exist on the world’s biggest web servers.

It will hide your location, bypass blocks and filters and encrypt your data so it’s safe travelling the internet.  There are two types of people on the internet – the ones who know the risks and those who don’t.  Those who do always use a VPN when using the internet.

To access the whole internet in total privacy without blocks, logs and filters or any of that crap  then you should use a VPN. 

Try Identity Cloaker

Try NordVPN 

Here’s a couple you can trust, test them out and see what you think.