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Iran Launches YouTube Alternative 0

Iran Launches YouTube Alternative

I bet the young people of Iran can hardly contain their excitement.  The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting have just announced the launch of an Iran-only version of the popular video uploading site YouTube.  It’s called Mehr and it’s the second video channel accessible only in Iran.  Access to YouTube was blocked in 2009 after lots of people posted...

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Choosing the Best UK VPN

Which is the best UKVPN to use that is one that has servers based in the UK? It’s a difficult question, simply down to the huge choice that is available now online.  Years ago, I was involved in a project to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client on thousands of laptops in a large multinational company.  The...

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Is Smart DNS Safe? Using Free Smart DNS Codes

A lot of people are starting to use Smart DNS instead of the traditional methods of accessing geo-blocked content.   However people still seem to overlook the huge potential risks in using these free codes and servers that conveniently appear on the internet. But first let us back track and attempt to give a short overview of Smart...

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Does Anti-Virus Software Keep You Secure?

There is a common misconception that if you have Anti-Virus software then you don’t need to worry about viruses, trojans and all assorted malware.  It doesn’t even seem to matter what version you install or how it works, anything will do. Unfortunately this is completely untrue, and this feeling of safety you’re feeling knowing  you have Anti virus...

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Some Useful Proxy Definitions

If you’ve searched around looking for secure proxies to use, you’ve probably come across these three definitions – Transparent Proxy Anonymous Proxy Elite Proxy Now none of these definitions are set in stone, but they’re used in most sites to describe the different level of security and privacy afforded by a particular proxy.  The three definitions are explained...