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Using DNS to Fightback

There’s a lot of information on this site, about the various methods used to filter, block and deny access to specific websites. Content filters, geo-blocking and firewalls now form part of the internet’s infrastructure rather than existing in isolation to protect genuinely secure networks. Of course, there have always been ways around them and in reality if you...


Region Free DNS – Smart DNS Review – Changing a Device’s IP Address

Wow what a geeky title,  well hopefully this post isn’t too dull but it’s inspired by a few emails  – so here’s a kind of introduction/Smart DNS review in response.  Now a lot of us, are living a pretty region free life online, with the use of certain programs and services we are not blocked and redirected based...

Once Upon a Time There Was a Hosts File 2

Once Upon a Time There Was a Hosts File

When the World Wide Web was little and called the ARPAnet, resolving computers to their IP addresses wasn’t a big deal. In fact because the network consisted of only a few hundred hosts, a single file called HOSTS.TXT was sufficient. This file contained the name to address mapping of every computer on the ARPAnet. Unix computers hacked the...