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BBC iPlayer Proxy – Using One Abroad in 2018

For many years now, there’s been a worrying trend developing on the internet.  What was once all free and open is now hidden behind paywalls or being blocked and censored.  Sometimes it’s whole governments but more often it’s down to commercial companies.  Take for example the BBC, their wonderful iPlayer application is hugely popular but if you step...


British IP Proxy for a UK IP Address

Many people end up on this site, because they’re looking for a method to change their IP address to a UK one, for instance using a British IP proxy. There’s a variety of different reasons for this, quite often it’s British Expats who have moved abroad and still want to watch the BBC or ITV, some people who just...

What is a Web Proxy Online Server? 2

What is a Web Proxy Online Server?

A long time ago, at least in the context of the Internet – we used to call proxy servers –  gateways. In  fact the first WWW gateway was created at CERN by the World Wide Web team led by Tim Berners-Lee.  Yep that BernersLee – the man who invented the World Wide Web ! So how can we...