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Finding a US Netflix VPN

There is something of a battle going on across the internet and it looks like it’s going to continue for a long time.  On the one side are the media giants of the internet, companies like Netflix, Amazon, BBC and Hulu who supply streaming media services to millions across the planet, on the other are the users of...


Facebook Crime – Removal Scam

There is a very real and fundamental problem with buying and selling anything using social media, identifying whether the person you are dealing with is legitimate. Think about it, normally when you find a trader or company they will have premises, registered offices, land lines. You may have responded to an advert or directory listing, all these things...


Poker Cheat Trojan – You Looking at My Cards

The trouble with most malware, is that it’s often completely pointless – little more than electronic vandalism. Sure your computer can be held to ransom by some eastern block computer geek (like who pays those), or your computer recruited into a massive global botnet to cause even more chaos – but it’s all kinda vague and desperate. So...


Russians Caught Out by IP Address

It’s astonishing to think that a Russian state media channel would go around changing Wiki pages in order to pass blame in a different direction. But possibly even more amazing that they were stupid enough to do it from a PC connected with an IP address registered to their company, no proxy or VPN like this! So what’s...

No Politics – But Ninja Videos Ok 0

No Politics – But Ninja Videos Ok

Is this right? Fuck…I hope not…. The Dead Kennedy’s shocked in my youth – some thirty years ago..,,,,still pretty hard core….. Awesome video 🙂 Original video got canned – this one is nearly as good though, enjoy.