How to Change Your Country IP Address

Everything connected to the internet has an IP address.  Every computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone and now often even our TVs and toasters !  It’s merely a network number, which allows data to be sent or received using the underlying protocol of the internet – TCP/IP.  It enables all communication and ensures that your internet based requests are returned to the right location.

For a long time, nobody has taken much notice of this network address after all it’s hardly interesting in itself.  The number formats are things like and are instantly forgettable unless you’re very technically minded.   Yet over the years these generic looking numbers have become increasingly important and now heavily influence what we do online.   That number may look completely random and unimportant, but surprisingly it can have a massive impact on anything you do over the internet.

An important fact to remember is that your IP address actually has a nationality, yes it’s true!   It sounds hard to believe but every time you visit a website this nationality is checked, and based on the results you may experience the site in a completely way.   Of course, the nationality is really just the location it’s being used in however it’s vitally important.  If you connect via a British IP address you’ll have a  pretty unhindered experience with UK based websites.  However start browsing sites in other countries and you’ll slowly notice blocks, filters and barriers.  It’s a kind of digital racism in a way, where the once completely open libertarian internet now is segmented based on your physical location.

But fear not, these imposed rules and restrictions can be broken and bypassed fairly easily with a little effort.

How to Change the Country Your IP Address is Registered to

So in an ideal world we’d be able to just switch our IP address at will whenever we come up against one of these blocks. However, unfortunately it’s not that easy to change your IP address directly simply because they’re in short supply and are restricted to specific distributors.  Also you’d not be able to get a Spanish IP address from a UK based company like an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in any case.

However we can do the next best thing.   We can hide our real address and use a vast network of addresses assigned to servers across the world.   So although our real IP address will never change, the address that the websites can see is entirely under our control.  Just watch this video for an example of how to become a digital wolf prowling the internet!

As you can see it’s incredibly simple in practice just pick a country and click to connect to it.  There are a number of these specialist VPN service around now who often have servers all over the planet.  Simply click on the country you need and your IP address will appear to originate from that country.  This means that suddenly all those locked websites become accessible again – wonderful sites like the BBC iPlayer which are normally only accessible from the UK will work anywhere.

So just to summarize when you visit a site which has country restrictions, you simply click on a VPN server in that country.  Then when you reconnect, you’ll appear to be in that location as only the VPN IP address is visible.  A simple yet elegant solution to unlock sites all across the world, including some of the biggest and best.  Your internet connection is protected, your identity and privacy secured and all those blocks completely bypassed.  If you want to watch the BBC from America that’s fine, Pandora from France – no problem.

The VPN service demonstrated in the video is called Nord VPN and you can check out their latest offer here – Nord VPN Discount offer.




What is The Microleaves Proxy Network?

In the world of proxy networks Microleaves is one of the older companies.  However due to some rather bad publicity over the years they’ve probably wisely decided to change their name.  They were originally launched in the United Kingdom as one of the first backconnect proxy providers going under the name of reverseproxies[.]com in 2012.

They are certainly among the bigger companies who operate in this market although people are right to be a little bit skeptical about the claims of the size of their network.   At last check, it was reckoned there were over 26 million residential IP addresses available in their proxy network although obviously that’s almost impossible to verify.

The reason that they changed their company name was probably due to the method used to create this network.   You simply cannot create a network this size full of residential IP addresses without at least some slightly shady tactics usually involving P2P applications.  If you have a quick search on Google for the name ‘microleaves’ it will become quickly apparent how they managed to establish such a huge network.

Microleaves Proxy Network

To gain access to all those home user connections, it’s probably fair to say that Microleaves have pushed the boundaries of what’s completely ethical. Terms like Microleaves virus are possibly a little unfair but if you’ve ever had to try and remove some of their adware then you’d probably strongly disagree with me!  remember here there’s two sides to this network and as a paying customer you don’t have to be the one running Malwarebytes all the time.

The company has expanded it’s network greatly by using adware like the infamous Mircoleaves online guardian program which can be hard work to remove from your computer after it’s installed.

So What is Microleaves Proxy Network ?

As mentioned it consists of a huge global proxy network built around residential IP addresses from their adware and web applications.  They offer several distinct types of proxies including backconnect, dedicated and the cheaper shared proxy networks.

For  most marketers and internet entrepreneurs it’s likely that their backconnect proxies will be of most interest.  After all if you don’t need residential addresses then there’s much better and more ethical companies to get them from. The backconnect proxies are split into two groups – basic and special, if you want any sort of control then it’s best to choose one from the special group.

The key factor though is that the IP addresses are from normal home or residential users.  So when you relay your connections through these proxies they look completely legitimate.  So particular users will be those involved in SEO, marketing research, or internet entrepreneurs who need to operate multiple digital identities.

A typical example would be those who buy and resell tickets from sites like Ticketmaster for profit.  Most e-commerce sites like this will limit the amounts you can purchase in order to deter or limit secondary markets.  The simplest method is to apply a limit of a couple of tickets per customer.  Obviously if you want to resell these tickets then you’ll need to buy more than this to make a decent profit.  Routing your internet connection through something like Microleaves residential proxy network will allow you to look like lots of different customers.  Combined with automated software like a Ticketmaster Bot then you can use them to grab loads of tickets with a little effort.

The reason that residential IP addresses are so valuable and why people are usually happy to turn a blind eye to the methods of obtaining them is that they’re much less likely to get blocked.  Most ‘ordinary IP addresses’ from proxy networks are registered to datacentres which unfortunately can be easily detected by most e-commerce servers.  Sites like Ticketmaster or Supreme and most other commercial sites can detect these addresses and can limit or even block transactions from them.


What are the Best Proxies for Supreme ?

One of the questions we get on this site quite often is ‘How Do Proxies work with Supreme ‘ and it’s actually quite simple.   It’s probably simpler though to quickly explain why anyone would want to use proxies in this way and even more importantly is there any money to be made from it!

People Use Supreme Proxies for Profit

I’ve been writing on this site about proxies for over a decade and it’s amazing to see how widespread the technology is now used.  Initially proxies were mainly used for anonymity and censorship perspectives, two significant areas where proxies can make a real difference.   However much of the spread of this technology comes from slightly different perspectives – firstly the ability to bypass online blocks from media companies – for example you can read how you can use a proxy to watch the BBC from anywhere.  Every day millions of people use encrypted proxies (VPNs) to access online media sites which they would normally be blocked.   The proxy has become common place and it’s also used in lots of other different sectors including those of the online entrepreneur.

What are the Best Proxies for Supreme ?

It’s also been many years since I used a Supreme proxy myself, when I bought a box full of supposedly hard to find supreme sneakers online.  Basically using them to switch my IP address when I visited the Supreme footlocker site to purchase them in about ten different transactions.  To be honest I made a decent amount of profit and would be still doing the same if I had the faintest idea of which sneakers are hot and which are not!   Unfortunately I don’t and it’s a fast moving market where you can easily get lumbered with loads of unwanted stock if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The Supreme proxies are actually just simple proxies sited in a city near the datacentre where the Supreme web server was situated.     They have to be near to limit the latency between the proxy and the web site because time can be important when competing for limited and rare releases.   If your proxy is too slow then your chances will be severely reduced, which is why you should never try and cop the latest releases from a poor mobile connection either.

So How Do Proxies Work with Supreme Websites ?

They merely give you the ability to use multiple digital identities from the same physical location or computer.  You just bounce your connection off a proxy server and it hides your real location.  The n switch to another proxy or get it load another IP address and you’ve got yourself another identity.  It’s really that simple.

When you’re buying limited release sneakers (which are the ones which make money) then they’re normally limited to one or two pairs per customer.  If you are sat at home or in an office using the same IP address then that’s your limit. However a proxy can switch your IP address after each transaction so that you look like a completely different person each time.

So instead of buying a single pair of sneakers you can buy 5, 10 or 20 plus.  Which when you consider that some of the sneakers are pretty simple to resell at three or four times their retail price, you can make an awful lot of money.  Which is exactly what I did many years ago and to be honest should really still be doing if the world of copping kicks hadn’t slightly left me behind!

So a Supreme proxy is just a normal proxy in the right place?

Partially true but unfortunately competition and a variety of counter-measures to block multiple purchases means that it’s a bit more complicated nowadays.  Any old proxy won’t work largely because the Supreme servers are on the lookout for proxies, VPNs and basically any attempt to make multiple purchases.

Only the Best (or Supreme Proxies will do)

Since I attempted to make a few bucks from Footsites like Supreme, things have changed quite a bit.  First of all there’s an easier way to make multiple purchases than sitting around clicking on refresh all the time – yes you can use Bots!  These are software programs which automate multiple purchases automatically.  You can input a few identities, some payment methods and what you want to buy and where from and leave them running.   If you set them up properly you can buy lots of sneakers without being there.

How Do Proxies Work with Supreme

There are dedicated Supreme Bot programs and even ones that can buy from lots of different Footsites like AioBot.  It’s important to remember that you still need proxies though whether you use software or not.  A Bot will face the same blocks if it tries to make multiple purchases without additional identities and IP addresses.

The quality of these proxies is also important, in fact this will largely control how successful you are.  Firstly as mentioned they need to be quick and ideally located near the target websites.  Also the IP addresses need to be high quality and work with the target sites.  A proxy with lots of blacklisted IP addresses that’s been used by spammers for example will get blocked by any half decent e-commerce server.

It’s why you’ll find many proxy providers creating specialised servers for different purposes.  So the better providers will be able to supply Adidas proxies or ones specifically for Supreme which are guaranteed to work with each platform.

Here’s a quick checklist for finding Proxies that will work with Supreme successfully

  • High Performance – slow and unstable  proxies are pointless as you’ll miss out or time out on the purchase.
  • Location – Use Proxies based and with IP addresses near to your target.
  • Platform Specific – Supreme Proxies should have IPs curated specially to work with that platform and work perfectly.

I have my favorite proxy providers, and to be successful you need to find ones you trust too.  One of the crucial pieces of advice is to ensure you talk to your chosen proxy providers.   Simply because what you’re doing is crucial, Supreme EU proxies won’t work very well if you’re using the US site and vice versa.   Similarly US servers won’t help from other countries, however you can get Supreme Proxy Australia if that’s your target market too.

I’ve heard rumours that it’s often worth targeting other countries if you can get the goods shipped to you easily.  US tends to be most aggressive market so can be harder to succeed. However remember most proxy service companies want you to succeed, ask them for advice.  To make money with a proxy service you need regular customers – this will only happen if they’re making money!

supreme proxies uk

This is who I use –

Good  luck if you are pursuing this strategy, although it’s more competitive than when I bumbled through it – there’s still people making lots of money.  Keep checking this site I update regularly and will be putting up a list of some of the best Supreme Bots for sale soon.