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Your Digital Identity

Sounds like a stupid thing to say doesn’t it – I mean who has a digital identity? But alas we all have nowadays, at least if you participate in 21st century life at all.

So when you think about it, the reality is a little more worrying. It’s really about everything you do online being monitored. Now that’s does scare me – mainly because it happens. How much of your life happens via a phone or the internet?

Anyway the worry I have is this – most Western Democracies have access to everything you do online for the last couple of years.  Of course there’s some vague idea that it’s all about catching terrorists but frankly that’s a load of rubbish.   I’ll take my chances on any plane if the terrorist has been thick enough to post his plans online on Facebook or Twitter – chances are they’ll blow themselves up on the way to the airport or at the car park ticket machine.  After all it’s not difficult to fix yourself up with a false IP address!

Not going to happen – so what our agencies and governments are really interested in is all the other information …..like this……………………

From my ISP logs dated 21/12/11 when I returned home from the Cross Lanes Hotel ( Geo location enabled on my Iphone).

My location established from my phone.
After drinking one bottle of South African Shiraz and paying my bill – (via internet enabled till) I watched the Kylie Minogue Agent Provocateur Video several times in a row.  When I go for that high powered Government job – it could be a difficult interview question,

or perhaps I could just show them the video ……..

All red blooded and nothing to be ashamed of? Sure but remember they have every web site you visited …in the last two years..