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The Complete Lack of Facebook Privacy

Some of us older people, well certainly me tend to take some care when typing in messages and emails to other people.  Similarly on Facebook and forums I tend to take a little time to think what my posts will look like.  It may be just me being over cautious but I often type, delete and retype several times.

Facebook Lack of Privacy


So this is fine but how would you feel to know that Facebook actually logs and records every keystroke you make, irrespective of whether you decide to post it.  That ill thought out message to your ex-girlfriend which you managed to stop yourself sending, that ‘piece of your mind’ that you nearly sent to your boss after two bottles of red wine,   that’s it everything.  Pressing the delete key or not pressing the send/publish key is irrelevant as soon as you hit those keys then Facebook has logged it.

Personally I find this horrific, I mean if you don’t post something why the hell should Facebook be recording it.  I’m fine with  this technology that handily converts that URL into a little thumbnail as you type but not that it records every piece of drivel that I stop myself posting at 1AM after a night out.

It’s hugely intrusive and just another example of how there’s going to be nowhere to even say anything online soon without it being logged and recorded on a series of ‘Big brother’ type databases designed to either sell us crap or passed on to the thought police in case we’re not thinking the right things.

I’m slowly getting more and more worked up about this, so for the sake of my blood pressure I’ll just leave you with a link.  If you want to stop Facebook recording your every unpublished thought, message or status update and storing it for presumably commercial means then I urge you to sign it.

Click Here to Sign the Petition – STOP FACEBOOK SPYING ON US !!!!