Watching Coronation Street on ITVX When Abroad

Last Updated on February 21, 2024

How to Watch Coronation Street Abroad

Well this post might seem a little trivial but for my better half, it’s the first interesting thing I’ve posted in many years of blogging. The title says it all – ITV Player Abroad, or how to use an application to get British TV when you’re outside the UK. In this instance we’re in France for a romantic break (and yes that seems to include watching Coronation Street on my laptop!), and such are blocked from a whole host of UK only websites including the ITV player site.

Anyway here’s the video I made using the excellent Screencast-O-Matic, this application is well worth using if you ever need to make any videos or screen casts.

How to Watch ITV Player Abroad

That’s all there is to it, quickly change your IP address to a UK one and then you can watch ITV Player (or BBC Iplayer) wherever you happen to be. What’s more at the same time you’re protecting your internet connection and personal details whilst accessing the web through some unknown Wi-fi connection. Remember though to fully protect your connection you need to ensure the encrypt connection button is highlighted in Identity Cloaker, you don’t need to encrypt Coronation Street though!

Change Encryption Level

Change Encryption Level

What is a Valid Post Code for ITV

You do now need an account to watch the ITV hub, but it’s easy to set up. Currently it asks you your location and for a postal code, just make sure you says the UK and pick a valid UK postcode. You can pick anyone as long as it’s real. It’s easier to enable the VPN and use a UK server before you do this.

If you need it only for a short trip or want to test it first – you can try the . .


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