Watching the Walking Dead on US Netflix

Last Updated on October 11, 2023

As a zombie film aficionado I spend a lot of time searching around for the best films and TV shows.  I love to watch anything zombie/apocalypse related which means I spend an inordinate amount of time watching some of the worst movies ever created.   So when there’s something good, it’s worth tracking down and although TWD has had it’s critics – it’s definitely near the top of the Zombie pile.   Apart from a few boring bits, that bloody farm for one, The Walking Dead has been pretty exciting the whole way through.

Walking Dead on US Netflix

So it was good news to find out that The Walking Dead was on Netflix so I quickly checked it out.  Unfortunately it’s not true, well not completely.  The Walking Dead is on Netflix but not the rather poor version we get in the UK.  However if you load up the US version of Netflix they have up to and including season 9, with rumors that Season 10 will be on there soon.


However I’m not in the US currently, so how can I switch my version of Netflix to include this zombie classic.

How to Watch The Walking Dead on US Netflix

It’s actually not that hard and can be accomplished with minimal effort if you take a look at the following video.

As you can see it’s pretty simple, you find yourself a decent VPN program like NordVPN.  Then before connecting to the Netflix account you enable a connection to a US based VPN server.   If you do it beforehand, then Netflix will only see the IP address of the VPN server and presume that you’re located in the USA.  This means you get the US version of Netflix which has loads more shows and programmes, your account will work perfectly.

When you’ve finished simply disconnect the VPN server and your IP address will return to normal.  You should do this because while the VPN is connected all your browsing will be US based including getting US search results from sites like Google.  It’s very useful though and you can change your IP address at will whenever you find some sort of block or filter online.

For zombie fans who try this then I urge you to watch another Zombie classic which is on US Netflix.  It’s called Train to Busan and is one of the best Zombie movies ever made IMHO, don’t be put off by the Korean subtitles it’s an awesome film.