Social Media Can Kill – RIP Amanda Todd

Last Updated on August 21, 2023

From my experiences as a parent and from speaking in local schools about the internet,  I am convinced young people have little idea of the dangers of sharing too much of your life online.  I often speak to young people who have 2000 friends listed on their Facebook account who think they are really their friends! But here is a story of a beautiful young girl who suffered at the hands of internet bullies.

I won’t say too much on this post –  I’m afraid it’s really sad but worth watching.  First we have a video posted by a young lady called Amanda Todd who was bullied both online and in real life.  She doesn’t speak but tells her story using paper cards.

The story unfortunately doesn’t end well as you’ve probably guessed from the title. This is despite Amanda moving schools and trying to start again. It didn’t help as her cyber stalker pursued her – she committed suicide on the 10th October, 2012 by hanging herself.    She was basically bullied into taking her own life….when she was 15 years old.

here are some links…..

And her facebook page

It’s just a horrible, awful,  depressing story but maybe someone reading this may spot someone similar and be able to help.  But alas too late for Amanda – RIP.