How to Change Your Country IP Address

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Modify Your Country IP Address

Everything connected to the internet has an IP address.  Every computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone and now often even our TVs and toasters!  It’s merely a network number, which allows data to be sent or received using the underlying protocol of the internet – TCP/IP.  It enables all communication and ensures that your internet-based requests are returned to the right location.

For a long time, nobody has taken much notice of this network address after all it’s hardly interesting in itself.  The number formats are things like and are instantly forgettable unless you’re very technically minded.   Yet over the years these generic looking numbers have become increasingly important and now heavily influence what we do online.   That number may look completely random and unimportant, but surprisingly it can have a massive impact on anything you do over the internet.

Where’s Your IP From?

An important fact to remember is that your IP address actually has a nationality, yes, it’s true!   It sounds hard to believe but every time you visit a website this nationality is checked and based on the results you may experience the site in a completely way.   Of course, the nationality is really just the location it’s being used in however it’s vitally important.  If you connect via a British IP address, you’ll have a pretty unhindered experience with UK based websites.  However, start browsing sites in other countries and you’ll slowly notice blocks, filters and barriers.  It’s a kind of digital racism in a way, where the once completely open libertarian internet now is segmented based on your physical location.

But fear not, these imposed rules and restrictions can be broken and bypassed fairly easily with a little effort.

How to Change Country IP Address is Registered

So, in an ideal world we’d be able to just switch our IP address at will whenever we come up against one of these blocks. However, unfortunately it’s not that easy to change your IP address directly simply because they’re in short supply and are restricted to specific distributors.  Also, you’d not be able to get a Spanish IP address from a UK based company like an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in any case.

However, we can do the next best thing.   We can hide our real address and use a vast network of addresses assigned to servers across the world.   So, although our real IP address will never change, the address that the websites can see is entirely under our control.  Just watch this video for an example of how to become a digital wolf prowling the internet!

As you can see it’s incredibly simple in practice just pick a country and click to connect to it.  There are a number of these specialist VPN service around now who often have servers all over the planet.  Simply click on the country you need, and your IP address will appear to originate from that country.  This means that suddenly all those locked websites become accessible again – wonderful sites like the BBC iPlayer which are normally only accessible from the UK will work anywhere.

So just to summarize when you visit a site which has country restrictions, then you simply click on a VPN server in that country.  Then when you reconnect, you’ll appear to be in that location as only the VPN IP address is visible.  A simple yet elegant solution to unlock sites all across the world, including some of the biggest and best.  Your internet connection is protected, your identity and privacy secured, and all those blocks completely bypassed.  If you want to watch the BBC from America that’s fine, Pandora from France – no problem.

The VPN service demonstrated in the video is called Nord VPN and you can check out their latest offer here – Nord VPN Discount offer.