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Last Updated on October 11, 2023

Unblock Videos with a Ninja Proxy Youtube

Ever seen this message, your mate has just sent you a message something like – “you have to watch this, I lolzed so much I nearly died. Lol lol”. So, you make a mental note to get some cleverer mates, then click on his link and are presented with a YouTube message like this –

video proxy

It might not be that specific one, it might be the – Sorry this Video is not available in your country, or this video is not available – pretty annoying huh!

There are a variety of reasons for these messages but the vast majority of them are due to your IP address or more specifically the location of your IP address. Some are blocked automatically (like lots of BBC content outside the UK), some blocked by Youtube and some like this example specifically targeted by the person who uploaded it. So let’s take this video as an example –
the uploader appears to be from Germany

It’s likely that this video relates to some of movie, music or TV show that is only licensed for free in Germany. So when YouTube checks our location we will be blocked (I’m in the UK at the moment). Anyway, what we are going to do is use Identity Cloaker to connect via a German video proxy server and then try and view the video again.

So when we start YouTube it will now think we are in Germany and so apply restrictions based on this country.   Now we can see the video and don’t get the – Video Not Available in your Country error message.  Sorry it’s so small – graphic size was huge when I uploaded, click on it to make it a bit bigger.

Video Not Available in Your Country

It’s actually a movie broadcast by the German TV company Kanal which is why it’s been uploaded with the restriction of being seen only in Germany.  Remember though when you are using a German video proxy server, you may get blocked from other stuff which you can normally see without problems.  It’s a pain but I’m afraid you need to switch servers depending on where the site is based – the most essential to have been firstly your home country and then probably fast UK IP Address, US and a good European server in somewhere like France or Germany – here’s one for example, you can find on Youtube.

Watch a Video Proxy in Action

This is all you need in 2022 to unblock video sites, well at least those on YouTube. Unfortunately accessing media sites needs one of these paid services as the free unblock video sites won’t work for them. For example, the last large media site to block the use of the simple servers you could find on the proxy sites list was the BBC but even they started automatically blocking proxies in 2017.  In 2022 the ITV Hub stopped working with a VPN service too.

So if you want to say goodbye to all these Video Not Available messages invest in a proxy ninja service or hunt down some free ones online if you have time.


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