How to Watch UK TV Anywhere in the World in 2021

In 2021, there’s no shortage of TV streaming services which you can subscribe to depending on your location.  Most of us can now access Netflix after they rolled out to the majority of the planet a couple of years ago.  There’s also sites like Hulu, Starz, Amazon Prime and of course the Disney channel too if you’re in the right place.   There’s even a few free sites, like Peacock which are filled with lots of different TV shows too although the best stuff is usually on the premium subscription.   Most of these services are fairly reasonable and are packed with thousands of films, TV series and even concerts to enjoy.   However if you subscribe to a few, the cost can actually be quite substantial.

There are actually a few alternatives though, which for many people might provide a much better option that even a couple of these modern streaming sites.  I’m talking about the vast range of live streaming services available on UK Television from the major broadcasters.  Most of the provide live TV 24 hours a day, plus a massive archive of all their programmes too.  So if you miss the latest episode of the Line of Duty, you’ve still got 12 months to catch it on the BBC iPlayer archive.

Watch UK TV Anywhere

It’s certainly no understatement that for a certain type of person, all their entertainment needs could be covered by having access to all the UK TV stations.  What’s more they’re all available online free of charge, although by default only to UK viewers.

  • BBC iPlayer – 25 channels streaming live TV plus one of the largest TV archives on the planet.  Also BBC Sounds has thousands of great radio shows too.
  • ITV Hub – UK’s biggest commercial channel with 7 main channels plus lots of regional ones too.
  • Channel 4 Online – All 4 has 5 main channel including a dedicated film channel.  There are currently about 1700 shows in their archive to stream too.
  • Channel 5 – 5 main channels including a US based one and lots of great movies too.


Watch UK TV Anywhere in 2021 and Throw Away Those Streaming Subscriptions

As we’ve mentioned, all the UK TV channels are free to air and so accessible to anyone in the United Kingdom.  Unfortunately this doesn’t extend to the rest of the world which they all block access by using a technology called geo-targeting.  This basically works out your location based on your IP address and blocks you if you’re from outside the UK.   Fortunately there’s a fairly simple way to bypass these blocks and unlock all these great channels irrespective of your location.  So read on  to discover how simple it is to watch UK TV online.

You can watch every single UK TV channel irrespective of your location using something called a VPN.

A VPN is a way to secure your internet connection protecting your personal details by encrypting everything you do.  It also protects your privacy by hiding your location which means it effectively stops these geo-targeting blocks too.   So if you use a VPN with a server based in the UK then all the British TV channels will work perfectly for you.  You have to create accounts, and supply a UK address for some of them – anyone will do there’s no way to check, but you can watch just like someone in the UK.

Here’s a quick demonstration using one of the best value VPN services – NordVPN

This demonstrates watching the BBC from the US but it’s pretty much the same for any UK TV channel from any country. When you use a VPN your exact location is not relevant only where the VPN server resides in.  So you’d do exactly the same for any of the UK channels like ITV or Channel 4 from any country in the world.   As long as you connect to a British server then you can watch UK TV abroad irrespective of where you are.

When you connect to the VPN it creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer/phone/laptop to the VPN server.  This is the only device that a web site will see your true location is completely hidden.  This has created a huge market for VPNs even for people who don’t actually care about their privacy that much.  A cheap VPN with servers in the right locations opens up thousands of websites that are normally locked.  I’ve  been enjoying my favourite UK TV channels for nearly 15 years now using a VPN service of some sort.  Millions use them to watch live UK TV  every day, which is why the best VPN services will have lots of UK servers available.

Whether it’s enjoying the BBC News, following a soap or enjoying some of the best dramas in the world it’s a very wise investment.  What’s more if you disconnect from a UK server and switch to a Canadian one or a US one then you can unlock every streaming service in those countries too.  Almost every major broadcaster allows access to their domestic customers for free, using a VPN you can become whatever you want to be!

A couple of years ago any VPN would pretty much work, unfortunately this isn’t the case any more. If you want to watch British TV then it’s important you pock a reliable VPN that isn’t blocked by the UK TV channels. Having a few UK servers isn’t enough as a large number of these have IP addresses which are blocked by the BBC and ITV in particular. Our favorite one is Nord VPN but you have to use it properly too.

Although Nord VPN has hundreds of UK servers, only a few of them are optimized to watch the BBC and UK Television stations like BBC iPlayer ITV etc. So if you want to watch BBC online outside of the UK for example then  you need to use these servers.   It’s best to ignore the auto connect feature and pick one directly. If you select one of these then you’re much less likely to get blocked – currently these are the best –# 1840-1847, 1850-1863, 1865, 1869, 1873, 1875-1878, 1880-1881, 1900-1901, 1903-1904, 1911, 1913, 1917, 1919-1920. Simply type one of these numbers in the Nord VPN search bar and you should be fine. You can add the ones that work best to your favourites, to select next time.